Welcome to my Engraving Studio.
I am Master of Heraldic Engraving and Goldsmithery for over 30 years.
This is the family tradition and I am proud of it as I've been perfecting my art skills since 1986.
My jewelry, signet rings, wedding rings are being worn by noble families and celebrities all around the world.
The customer's pride of wearing a piece of uniqueness and excellency is always the biggest reward for me.
The most important in my work is traditional craft of handmaking and ability to combine it with the modern design
and new technologies. I am one of the very few craftsmen who know the secret of enameling, unique jewelry embellishment so famous thanks to Carl Fabergé and his exquisite eggs.
You are welcome to visit the gallery of my works' examples: signet rings, family crests with coats of arm, 
rings with monograms, rings engraved in precious metals and stones, necklaces
wedding rings, earrings, cufflinks, medallions, badges, brooches as well as enameled jewelry. 
All the pictures represent real pieces of goldsmith designed and handmade by myself, mostly on individual commission. 
For any questions and orders please use the Contact Form. 
Andrzej Oniśko, Owner & Master

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